Summer Youth Program

The Cabrillo Extension Summer Youth Program is an important part of our commitment to help meet the community’s needs. Our camps provide a safe and engaging environment for children to explore and grow. Join us for a summer full of active, fun-filled, diverse, high-quality camps for developing young brains and bodies.

This guide is designed to inform you and your family of Cabrillo Extension’s policies, procedures, and expectations to keep everyone happy, healthy, and safe this summer. This information is subject to updates as summer approaches. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out the Extension office at (831) 479-6331 or by email at


All registration for Cabrillo Summer Youth Program camps must be completed online by a parent or guardian. All camps are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration can be completed online or by phone. The fastest way is online registration, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are new to Extension:

All youth campers must be registered as part of a household profile. Please follow these steps to create a household profile, add your child, and register for classes!

  1. Go to and click the orange "Registration Log-In" button.

  2. On the log-in page, click the green "Create a New Profile" button.

  3. Be sure to create a household profile! Follow all steps to add your information first.

  4. Add your child to the household profile

  5. Find your class(es) or camp(s) and add to your cart.

  6. Complete the online Required Student Information—you provide this information once, and we use it for multiple camps and classes!

  7. Click "Check-out" and complete your credit card payment. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

If you already have a profile in your system:

  1. Add your child to your household profile. If you do not have a household profile, please contact the Extension office to have your learner profile converted to a household.

  2. Find your class(es) or camp(s) and add to your cart.

  3. Complete the online Required Student Information—you provide this information once, and we use it for multiple camps and classes!

  4. Click "Check-out" and complete your credit card payment. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

Need help? You can reach an Extension team member at (831) 479-6331, Monday through Friday, 9 am - 5 pm.

If you need to cancel:

Refunds can only be issued if a cancellation request is made at least 10 business days prior to the start of camp. All refunds are subject to a 10% service fee. There will be no refunds provided once camps have begun. In the event that your child or a member of your household is ill, and your child is thus unable to attend camp, please contact the Extension office to discuss your options.

One-time transfers are not subject to a service fee. Subsequent transfers will be charged the 10% service fee. If a student wishes to transfer from one camp to another, the following requirements apply:

  • Only one transfer can be made.

  • Transfer must be requested no fewer than 10 days prior to the first day of the camp they were originally registered for, or the one they wish to transfer to, whichever comes first.

  • The camp they want to transfer to must have available space.

  • The student must meet the age requirements of the camp they wish to transfer into.

  • Students may not transfer their registration to another student.

If Extension cancels a camp:

We make every effort to avoid cancelling camps! We know summer is a busy time, and you’ve built your schedule around your child’s experience this

summer. However, Cabrillo Extension reserves the right to cancel camps due to severely low enrollment or other unavoidable circumstances. In the event of a amp being cancelled, families will be notified of the change as close to the start of camp as possible and will receive a full refund or credit to their account. We will also work with families to find an alternate camp that serves their needs, and complete a transfer with no service fees.

Check in for camps will begin at the door to the classroom 15 minutes prior to the published start time of camp, and closes at the start of camp. Please ensure you arrive early to camp each day to allow time for check-in. Sign out will also occur at the door to the classroom.

At check in: Children should be checked in by a parent, guardian, or individual on the authorized pick up list each day.

At sign out: Parents/guardians or others designated to pick up a child must present a valid photo ID at check-out every day. Children will only be released to individuals authorized by a parent/guardian at registration. If you need to adjust the list of authorized pick up individuals, please contact the Extension office or complete an Additional Pick-Up Authorization on the first day of camp.

For students age 12 and older, parents/guardians may complete a Youth Self-Sign-Out Authorization on the first day of the camp. This authorization gives permission to sign themselves out daily at the conclusion of each camp date. Students with this authorization will be dismissed at the conclusion of camp each day. Students younger than 12 must be dropped off and picked up daily.

Food = Mood! We require that parents/guardians provide all snacks, meals, and water/beverages for your child to consume during the camp. Refrigeration is not available, so please send all items in a lunch bag or small cooler labeled with your child’s name. Meals should be ready-to-serve; no heating required. Please also send your child with a reusable water bottle labeled with their name. Food is not available on campus, including from vending machines.

Block scheduling for campers aged 6-12 offers one simple plan to fill a full week with camp activities - just like an a la carte menu, you have choices! You select the combination of morning and afternoon activities that fits your camper’s interests, and then create your own perfect schedule.

Each week, pick:

  • A morning camp, 9:00 am - 12:00pm

  • Lunch Bunch, 12:00 - 1:00pm

  • An afternoon camp, 1:00 - 4:00pm

Lunch Bunch

Campers have the chance to eat the healthy food their parents packed (yum!), then play a board game, read their favorite book, make some art with new friends, and get some outside time. Extension staff will walk campers to and from their camps and the Lunch Bunch room.

If your child is registered for both a morning camp that ends at noon, and an afternoon camp that begins at 1, both during the same week, you qualify to register for Lunch Bunch at no charge! To take advantage of this, give the Extension office a call, and we'll get you registered at no charge. Our office hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, and you can reach us at (831) 479-6331. Note that this discount does not apply automatically and must be verified by Extension staff.

Students need to bring their lunch and a drink. Food is not provided during Lunch Bunch.

In order to ensure camper safety, online registration for Lunch Bunch ends on the Wednesday prior to the start date. If you want to register on the Thursday or Friday immediately preceding the start date, please call our office at 831-479-6331, and we’d be happy to get you registered over the phone.

While we always strive to serve as many campers as possible, registration for camps is on a first-come, first-served basis, and sometimes camps fill. In that case, we highly encourage you to add your child(ren) to any camps you are interested in attending. If space becomes available, you will be notified via phone and email. We are sometimes able to add additional sessions of popular camps, so adding your child to the waitlist is the best way to ensure you get the first notification should a new camp become available, as well as in the event that someone drops out of a camp.

Note that, once a week of camp begins, we cannot accept any new campers in that week even if space becomes available.

In order to provide a positive and meaningful experience, and a safe environment for all students, we require that all students meet our Essential Eligibility Criteria, and that parents or guardians agree to this Code of Conduct and Behavior Agreement.

It is our goal to partner with parents to determine if the Cabrillo Summer Youth Program will be a positive experience, and if the camp is suitable for their child, prior to registration. If parents or guardians have questions, we strongly encourage you to call and talk with us – we want to help!

If behavioral problems occur, parents will be contacted to discuss the situation. If a child’s behavior is unsafe or harmful to themselves or others, parents will be notified to pick up their child immediately, and the student will be withdrawn from camp without a refund. Recurrent behavioral problems may result in permanent suspension from the program.

Each Extension Summer Youth Program camp is taught by a single instructor and supported by one Teaching Assistant. Structure plays an important role in helping children develop socially, emotionally, and physically, and is also vital for student safety. Students are expected to follow this code of conduct and behavior agreement at all times.

  • Students must have self-discipline, be able to follow instructions given by one instructor in a classroom environment, must be able to manage their own behavior in a group setting, work independently, and perform tasks in class. Students must be able to function in a group environment without disruption of other student’s learning.

  • Students shall uphold high standards of integrity through honesty, trust, fairness and responsibility. Students are expected to demonstrate a spirit of cooperation and exploration within the guidelines provided by their instructors, and to meet the challenges of the program through honest effort.

  • Students shall not engage in any form of harassment or bullying. Harassment consists of conduct of any type (including but not limited to written, verbal, graphic or physical conduct) which has the purpose or effect of interfering with an individual’s academic or work performance or which creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive learning environment.

  • Students shall not take part in or facilitate discrimination of any kind, including, but not limited to, discrimination based on gender, race, national origin, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability, handicap, or intelligence.

  • Students are expected to show courtesy and respect, and follow the instructions of the camp counselors, instructional staff, and other campus personnel.

  • Students are expected to show courtesy and respect their fellow students, and the belongings of their fellow students. They shall not borrow, use, or disturb items belonging to other students without clear prior permission.

  • Students are expected to show respect for and take reasonable care of campus property, equipment and furnishings.

  • Students shall not commit acts of violence on persons or property, nor shall they threaten to commit any act of violence.

  • Students shall not use, possess, or distribute weapons, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs, with the exception of prescription and over-the-counter medications approved for use by the participant’s parent or guardian. Participation in an incident involving weapons, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs is cause for immediate dismissal.

Cabrillo Summer Youth Program does not offer rehabilitative or therapeutic camps, and we do not specialize in serving those with special needs, including mental, emotional, social, or behavioral difficulties. With that in mind, we recognize that each child’s ability to participate is unique. Our goal is to create inclusive, positive, and safe learning environments for students. If parents or guardians are wondering if a camp is a good fit, please call our office prior to registration and talk with one of our staff members.

When bringing children to Cabrillo for camps please make time to find parking in a “student” space close to your child’s camp location, and to pay for a daily permit. Permits are available at permit dispensers in each parking lot and structure. Daily permits are $4 a day, and only credit/debit cards are accepted.

Summer semester permits are available for $48.00. They may be purchased online through Cabrillo Extension, and may be picked up in the Extension office beginning June 1st. This permit will allow you to park in “student” spaces from June 3 to August 23.

Cabrillo College does not provide “FREE” parking. All vehicles parked on Cabrillo College property are required to properly display a valid Cabrillo College parking permit. Parking is enforced on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Cabrillo College District Parking Regulations and the California Vehicle Code are enforced at all times. Vehicles not properly parked, or not in compliance with Cabrillo College District Parking Regulations or the California Vehicle Code, are subject to fines, towing, or impoundment.

For more information about parking on campus, as well as maps, please view the Maps webpage.

Pick Up/Drop Off

To ensure the safety of all students and respect the contributions and time of our instructors, we ask that parents do not drop off their children

more than 10 minutes prior to the posted start time of the camp. We also ask that parents pick up their children promptly at the end of camp. Late fees will be charged to the payment method used for original registration beginning at 15 minutes after the end time of the camp, at the rate of $25 per 15 minutes.

If you are running late to pick up your child, please contact the Extension office at (831) 479-6331 immediately.