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Making Meetings Work

Meetings are the way that many of us do business. We gather and we talk, and we try to work out the problems associated with work life.

But far too often our meetings are boring, dull and out of focus. We start without a clear vision about what we need to accomplish, and we conclude with only a vague sense of what needs to be done next and by whom. Thus, many meetings are a colossal waste of time and energy.

At Cabrillo Corporate Training, we are experts in meeting design and facilitation. We can help you turn those boring, dull and out of focus meetings, into lively forums for creative problem solving and quality decision-making. We can help you harness the genius in the room and the great ideas that lurk under the surface, and move a group swiftly toward a common goal.

We offer…

  • Meeting Assessment
    By sitting in on some of your standard meetings, we can help you pinpoint opportunities for improvement.
  • Meetings: The Essentials
    We can help your team integrate productive meeting standards such as the use of an outcome driven agenda, meeting ground rules, meeting roles and responsibilities, and information sharing tools.
  • Training and Coaching: Facilitation Skills
    We can help your meeting leaders develop their capacity to facilitate an effective meeting. From handling difficult participant behaviors, to keeping the group on task and on time, facilitation skills make all the difference in achieving outcomes.
  • Training: Advanced Skills
    We can help your meeting leaders design dynamic and interesting meetings that bring out the best and harness the creative energy of each and every participant.