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What is the Ultimate Workplace?

The ultimate workplace… is a place where we get results. It's a healthy, productive place where people bring their "A-game" to work and stretch themselves to be better team players each day. It's a place where trust is strong and leaders live and reinforce clear values while setting clear direction and standards. People are balanced. They give their best and they learn and grow through their challenges and relationships at work. Office politics are minimal or non-existent, and the momentum toward shared goals is visible, tangible and exciting!

Yes, this is possible. At Cabrillo Corporate Training, we are passionate about helping you create your best possible workplace. Our consultants are experienced professionals who can help you transform your workplace into the healthy, productive workplace of your dreams. We can…

  • Assess your workplace to develop an unbiased description of your organizational culture today, and how it is impacting your operations.

  • Help you clarify and articulate your vision of a healthy workplace and the values that will help you succeed.

  • Facilitate meetings and provide mediation services for substantial conflicts.

  • Map the specific skills and competencies your leaders, managers and staff need to improve performance.

  • Build customized courses for every layer in the organization to ensure that everyone has the right skills for the job.

  • Deliver training at your site and according to your schedule.

  • Ensure the transfer of skills back to work with coaching, support, and follow-up programs.

  • Evaluate the impact of our programs on your bottom line.

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