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How do you develop an engaged workforce that loves what they do, exceeds expectations, and is devoted to the organization?

66% of employees are not engaged with their work. Employees are often bored or overworked and feel disconnected from their job. If you want a successful organization, you need your workforce to be engaged and bring their best to the organization. Employees need opportunities for growth and development and to feel connected in the workplace to be fully engaged. However, managers and supervisors are not properly trained to coach employees and have a difficult time supporting their teams with competing priorities. Employees often do not feel comfortable asking their supervisor for support and development opportunities. The response is often to send employees to training, however training does not provide the unique and ongoing support necessary to implement the tools learned. This is where Cabrillo Extension Coaching can help!

What is coaching?

Coaching is a confidential and judgement free conversation between a coach and a coachee. The purpose of the conversation is to support the coachee in clarifying goals, setting appropriate expectations and overcoming challenges to accomplish something they desire. The coachee learns vital communication and commitment tools to stay engaged until a goal has been achieved. The coachee develops a clear action plan and learns to be flexible as the process unfolds. At the completion of the coaching process, the coachee will gain confidence and the resources to accomplish what they want and support others along the way. These tools and confidence last a life-time!

How will coaching benefit your organization?

Coaching cultivates the employee's unique growth and development plan so they feel heard and deeply connected to their work, team and organization. Common Workplace Performance Challenges that Cabrillo Extension Coaching can assist with include but are not limited to:

  • Setting clear expectations and goals to prioritize and work efficiently.
  • Building relationships that are founded on trust, collaboration and effective conflict resolution.
  • Developing a unique growth and development job or career plan.
  • Responding to challenges, negative feedback or poor performance evaluations with professionalism.
  • Communicating transparently so others hear your voice, understand and take action.
  • Developing a strong sense of accountability.
  • Cultivating high performance and effective teams.
  • Balancing competing priorities and time management.

Group/Team or Individual Coaching is available.

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