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Executive and Departmental Retreats

Group retreats can be very special times in organizational life. When well conducted, they afford a group a particular opportunity to reconnect to the vision, values and goals of the organization. They allow a group time to process issues, problem solve, and/or strategize about new opportunities or ways of working together. They can supply a jump-start for a team or group that is otherwise in the throes of "day-in-and-day-out" operations.

Unfortunately, many retreats are not well planned, and participants come away with a sense of disappointment at opportunities lost and frustration about the "to-do list" that has grown during their absence.

At Cabrillo Corporate Training, we are experts in planning and facilitating meaningful retreats. We know that retreats represent rare and special time, and we help you make the most of that time by planning carefully, designing a retreat that brings your group together and helps them get things done. We provide expert facilitation so that you can participate along side other group members and receive the full benefit of the process at hand.

A well-planned retreat should entail…

  • A strong agenda that allows people to get connected, focus on an issue, and see it through.
  • An outside facilitator who understands the needs and culture of the work group and allows all members of the team to participate.
  • Time for some personal connection- since this can be rare in our hustle and bustle work places.
  • Resolution of an issue or a challenge, leading to an action plan so that participants come away feeling empowered to do something differently.

While every retreat is custom designed, many groups start with one of the following retreat themes…

  • Goal Setting or Strategic Planning
  • Values Clarification
  • Teambuilding
  • Leading Organizational Change
  • Building a Positive Workplace
  • Annual SWOT Analysis